How can AutoBase solve your field marketing problems?

AutoBase Inc. utilizes RoadTrack – a cloud based system that is designed and developed by eWay Corp. RoadTrack allows drivers to enter shift activity directly into the system from a smart phone. It also allows AutoBase management and our state Department of Transportation customers to view this activity in report formats online in real time. Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

Support and Maintenance

Is there a monthly support and maintenance fee involved?

“ Yes. Our App has a monthly subscription fee that includes the App, maintenance, Data storage and 24/7 phone, email and text support.”

Application Customization

If I have a custom form that my drivers fill out can I have Eway customize the HIWA app for my program?

“ Yes. We are the builders of the app and we can duplicate your current data capturing by creating custom dropdowns for your drivers.”

Device Requirement and Compatibility

What type of smartphones do my drivers need?

Our HIWA app works on Iphone with IOS version 9 and Android phones with the latest version 6.

Report Customization

Can my I create custom reports from your app?

“ Yes, The app reports are all searchable and by Driver, Route, type of stop, location, times, etc. You can also export to an Excel file for even more refined reporting.”

Cellular Coverage

There are cellular coverage dead spots on my route. Is that a problem?

“ No problem. If there is no cell coverage our App stores all of the drivers data internally in the phone until it can sync when our servers are available.”

Transition from Paper Forms to App

My drivers are using paper forms now. How easy is it to transition to an App for input?

“ We provide full training and 24/7 support for your drivers. Our app was created using the most modern and intuitive GUI ( Graphical User Interface ) available. If they can use social media sites they can use our App with ease.”

Request for a Demo

How can I schedule a demo?

“ You can schedule a short online demo by contacting us through this  website (http://www.highwayincident.com/#contact schedule demo button placed here) or calling our sales department at 641-919-8899 or main office at 877-487-9920 anytime.”